Situated in the heart of Tuscany, the farm enjoys one of the most beautiful views of the Valdichiana ( The Chiana Valley ). It is from here that the guest's experience begins as they enter into a world of strong values and unforgettable Tuscan, rural landscapes.

Working the land and gathering its fruits with maximum respect for the pace of life of the countryside and its genuineness.

Podere Cisternella is deeply committed to the agricultural tradition of love and respect for the land and thus it conveys the true concept of farm holidays.Guests are invited to fully live the countryside as a moment of relax, but also as a participation in the care of its fruits and animals.

The farm's charm is completed by the tourist's vegetable garden. The guests can take part in caring for the vegetables and fruit, only to enjoy them afterwards in all their natural quality...Not only, guests may also taste fresh eggs laid by the farm's hens and excellent quality meat.

The farm guests can, if they wish, take part in the agricultural process, from the planting of the seeds up to the harvesting.

Themed itineries linked to seasonal activities on the farm can also be arranged.

The farm has adhered to 'Campagna Amica' which is a project that promotes local products (Zero Kilometre products), bringing producer and consumer closer.

The hospitality and cordiality of the farm's owners ensure that guests have a special stay at the farm.

During the year, the holiday farm owners organise special holiday packages and promotions linked to specific events going on in the area or on the farm itself. Special moments and opportunities to make a guests stay in this beautiful area of the Valdichiana even more special.

Grape day

Harvest, pressing, fermentation and tasting.

Oil day

Harvest, storage, pressing and tasting of the newly made extra-virgin oil.

Bread Day

Milling of wheat and bread-making on the farm with final tasting.

Sowing Day

Sowing or planting the season's vegetables, tubers and grain.

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