That of Podere Cisternella is a family history . It all began in 1968 with Grandpa Antonio and Grandma Filomena on one of the wonderful hills of the Valdichiana. The farm takes it's name from the antique 'Ninfeo Romano della Cisternella', an archaeological site comprising an ancient Roman building of great historic and artistic importance. It can be visited and is found within the grounds of the farm.

Love for the land, passed down to sons and grandsons, has transformed what was once a small farm of 5 hectares cultivating cereals, olives trees and vines into an agricultural business which extends to approximately 60 hectares.

In 1995, the farm building, which once housed various families who worked the land, was transformed into a comfortable and modern farmhouse holiday business maintaining the original characteristics in the furnishings and the rooms.

Unaltered respect for the values at the heart of the business philosophy and precisely; repect for the land, it's fruits and the environment; has accompanied the growth of the business over time. As proof of this, in recent years in fact, the owners have suceeded in distinguishing the business from others by installing an alternative energy system which fulfills the energy requirements of the enitre farm.

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