Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The farm produces typical Tuscan olive oil which is sharp and full-bodied.

The main varieties of olives, Correggiolo, Frantoio, Moraiolo and Leccino, are grown at Podere Cisternella. Olive picking is strictly done by hand and the crates are stored for a maximum of 48 hours. Within these 48 hours, the pressing is done in one of the nearby mills, using the controlled temperature, continuous cycle pressing system. The olive oil can be purchased on the farm.

Red Wine

The vineyards of the farm are easily accessed, they blend in perfectly with the surrounding landscape and give life to a rich, full-bodied wine.

The farm's vineyards extend to 5000 square metres. Sangiovese and Merlot are the vine types that are grown here. The winemaking is done in the farm's cellar where the wine is kept, partly in barriques and partly in steel barrels. The wine can be bought on the farm.


Flour from antique grains cultivated and produced on the farm.

Our philosophy is to seek out the genuineness and flavours of times gone by. For this reason we dedicate time to the cultivation of varieties of grain whose natural properties have not been genetically modified for commercial or agricultural reasons thus producing a high quality flour preserving all the nutritional properties of the grain.

Biscuits made from antique grains

We call them 'biscantucci' because they are flavoursome like cantucci biscuits and also crumbly like a biscuit.

Our biscuits are 100% handmade, crunchy and fragrant and pass the 'vin santo' test with full marks. The biscuit mixture is made of wholegrain stone-ground flour which enhances the flavour and the genuineness of the product.

Fresh Pasta

Eating our pasta ,means going on a journey of flavours and fragrances enjoying the flavours of times gone by.

Just like the 'biscantucci', we also only use wholemeal stone-ground flour produced by our agricultural business. Our speciality is 'Pici' , a traditional Tuscan pasta but we also make other types of pasta such as 'tagliatelle' and 'tagliolini'.

The Tourist's Vegetable Garden

We offer our guests the possibility to participate in the planting of seeds or harvesting of the produce in the vegetable garden.

The idea of the Tourist's vegetable garden is to allow guests a hands on experience from the seeding to the harvest of the produce, using tarditional methods. In the summer we grow tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, courgettes, basil, potatoes, melons, watermelons, peppers, and peas. In the winter, we cultivate cauliflowers, cabbages, fennel and radicchio salad leaves. The family are happy to allow guests to taste the vegetables and guests are allowed to pick what they prefer.




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